One of the things i find most amazing in the world of overzealous food inspection schemes is cases like this one, involving a harmless substance called fipronil in the U.K., where hundreds of thousands of Dutch eggs are being destroyed and taken out of the national food supply in spite of Britain's Food Standards Authority (FSA)'s open admission that the eggs pose no risk to human health at all. The FSA states: “The decision to withdraw these products is not due to food safety concerns, but is based on the fact that fipronil is not authorised for use in food producing animals." 

The headline of the Guardian article reads: "Contaminated eggs scare grows as U.K. supermarkets pull products."

Reading further, you see who's behind the action. Ian Jones, chairman of British Lion Egg Processing, states: "As we approach Brexit, shoppers are growing increasingly concerned about the ingredients used in manufactured food and now more than ever want and deserve transparency on food packaging. The egg industry believes that this is a great opportunity for retailers to listen to the concerns of their customers and reassure them by specifying the use of British eggs and using the ‘Made with British Lion eggs’ logo on packs.”

Later in the story: "Authorities in the Netherlands ordered eggs to be pulled from supermarket shelves and temporarily closed down about 180 farms. Millions of eggs were subsequently removed from sale in Belgium and Germany. The European commission said on Monday that British food safety authorities had been alerted over the weekend that eggs imported from Germany could be dangerous. Officials in France, Sweden and Switzerland were also informed of a risk to consumers. Dutch investigators said on Thursday they had arrested two managers at the company that allegedly used fipronil at poultry farms. The arrests came after coordinated raids with Belgian authorities at eight locations across the Netherlands with the assistance of the EU’s Europol and Eurojust agencies."

All of this over an additive that the FSA has publicly stated is safe for human consumption.