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Robin Goldstein is author of The Wine Trials and The Beer Trials, creator of Fearless Critic, and Principal Economic Counselor at the University of California Agricultural Issues Center, where his work focuses on sensory perception, consumer behavior, placebo responses, and other signalling and economic price effects in the food and beverage industries. He has been a contributor to the New York Times’  Freakonomics blog and Fodor’s travel guides, and the new Kulangsu (Gulangyu) Visitor’s Guide.

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  1. Hi Robin,

    My name is Sybil yang, and I am an Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University. I’m currently writing a textbook module for Prentice Hall on wine list pricing, and would like to include a section on your work with the Osteria L’Intrepido award. I have already written the section, and would need your formal permission to include it in the textbook. If you are interested in seeing the textbook module, and what I would like to include and reference in the section on your work, please email me at: sybil@sfsu.edu, or sy229@cornell.edu. You can also reach me by phone at 510-381-4410.

    Thank you!

  2. Robin:

    I recently founded The Lenox Wine Club. We have so far tasted “heavy reds and whites”. I both cases, a 3 liter box wine won – http://www.morssglobalfinance.com/judgments-of-paris-princeton-and-lenox-part-2/.

    Best, Elliott

  3. Hi Robin! We write you because when you visited us in Bereziartua (Astigarraga, Pais Basque), you were interested in our products, in our cider.

    So, we would like to know if you have thought about us and the possibility of collaborate with us or do some work together.

    Waiting for your news.


  4. Hey I just ordered your wine trials book after getting rejected by WS for their restaurant awards. It just pisses me off, Sent all the requirements, did everything they asked for WTF! By reading your book I hope to get it right for next year!


  5. Robin!

    I was thinkin you were publishing an updated version of The Wine Trials this month. If so, I would love to buy several copies. Thanks for clarifying. i have the 2011 edition, and most appreciate your efforts and insights.
    p.s. long time wine enthusiast.

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