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Can people distinguish pâté from dog food?

As reported by Jerry Hirsch in today’s LA Times, my latest research article, co-authored with John Bohannon (the “Gonzo Scientist”) of Harvard University and Alexis Herschkowitsch of Fearless Critic Media, discusses the results of a blind tasting that we conducted of five puréed meat-based products. Although 72% of subjects ranked the dog food as the worst of the  Full Article…


On weed tourism in Amsterdam

The relationship between tourists and the places that they like to go has been ambivalent since tourism—travel as entertainment—became a real global industry in the early 1900s. Sometimes cities become caricatures of themselves, molded into their own exaggerated and inauthentic images abroad. Other times, they just become ugly high-rise beach resorts or overcrowded, overpriced wastelands.  Full Article…


Fearless Critic Washington DC Area Restaurant Guide released this week

The Fearless Critic Washington DC Area Restaurant Guide (Fearless Critic Media, 608 pages, paperback, $15.95, distributed by Workman) is now on its way to stores. The book reviews 500 restaurants in the greater DC area, including the Maryland and Virginia suburbs out to the Beltway. You can pre-order the book on, which should receive  Full Article…